Regional Business Partner 2019 is awarded to only one, the best company from each Regional country: /Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Turkey.

Business Partner 2019 is awarded to the best companies from different fields of industry registered in Republic of Serbia.

Media Business Partner 2019 is awarded to the media house which has provided outstanding support by drawing attention of broad and professional public to current economic issues and investment projects.

Special Awards:

Business Figure 2019 is awarded to the most successful entrepreneur in the region of Southeast Europe.

Business Partner PLUS 2019 for the highest level of social responsibility and care for the local community.

ECO Business Partner 2019 for the exceptional ecological and environmentally responsible business conduct.

EDU Business Partner 2019 for the remarkable contribution to the education and upgrade of knowledge and skills of the managers.

Business Partner EXTRA 2019 for special contribution to the improvement of business environment.

Business Partner HR 2019 for the highest level of care for the employees.
Business Partner Innovative 2019 for the best innovative venture or product.

Business Partner Support 2019 is granted to local municipality for the development of infrastructure and support in the implementation of new investment projects.

Business Partner Real Estate 2019 for the development and management of real estate.

Business Partner IT 2019 for outstanding contribution to the technical and technological development and improvement of the market by applying advanced engineering skills.

Business Partner Special 2019 for culture and artistic creativeness.

BEST PARTNER 2019 Award, singular and certainly the most flattering award, elected exclusively by this year's laureates, through by secret ballot during the evening, will be presented at the end of the ceremony to only one of the winning companies.