The election procedure of the BUSINESS PARTNER 2019 laureates is achieved through several stages of nominating and rating and includes a large number of participants:
  • Nominating the candidates
    The companies are nominating their business partners through the Opinion Poll sheet that has been e-mailed to several thousand addresses.

    In the nomination of the candidates for Regional Business Partner 2019 Award, an active part will have the Economy Departments at the Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, and Business Associations from the Region, who will nominate within the set criteria the companies from their countries.

  • Selecting the candidates for the short list
    Based on the received nominations, a short list of companies or institutions is formed by individual categories and industries for the nominees of the Annual Award BUSINESS PARTNER.

    Market and consumer research results are employed as additional aspect in the process of forming of the short list. The social responsibility and ethics of these companies is evaluated through an independent research, as well as business results (the latest reports on profitability and income).

    Subsequently the short list of nominees is created.

  • Making the final decision on laureates by categories
    The final decision is made by the Committee. Based on the set criteria the Committee members will grade each of the nominated companies.

    Each Committee member votes independently, with the purpose of acquiring an average grade for each company (grades are added up and divided by the number of committee members).

    The Committee’s grade is added to the previously obtained number of points that each company has received. This total sum of points forms and concludes the final list of the Annual Award BUSINESS PARTNER winners.